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The Price We Pay

gone... but not forgotten

Typo was our trusted friend, with abounding love he shared.
He wasn't just a casual friend, we know he really cared.

With quiet listen ears he heard, both my pains and fears.
And now I pay the price for love, in shedding of the tears.

Typo now has left us, his voice is heard no more,
But for us are the memories, in our hearts deep core.

And in our grief and heartfelt loss, the emptiness and pain,
His helping hands and loving way, will in our heart remain.

The price we pay for friendship, is costly and it hurts,
The tears they come upon us now in torrents and in spurts.

Tears are the price we pay, for friendship when it's lost,
Grief along with sadness is tallied, it is the total cost.

Right now it seems not worth it, to suffer in this way,
But also know that loving will come again some day.

And with that loving comes a price, tears to shed and loss,
But with some time for healing, I will again accept the cost.

1949 - 2001

Toby Edmondson
Copyright 2001 Motivational Graffiti
All Rights Reserved
Friday, 8 June 2001

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