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  • When did he die?
    Typo's death certificate is dated 2 May 2001.


  • What is the purpose of this web site?
    Athena was moved by the outpouring of love for him at TBI Chat.  Her aim is to make a place for people to share their memories with Typo's family and hopefully receive comfort for their grief.


  • Was he killed in a bicycle accident?
    No.  Even though Typo was an avid cyclist and received two concussions while riding, he died peacefully at home of natural causes.

    The preliminary autopsy report did not indicate an exact cause of death.  The medical examiner did not have the records of his two brain injuries.  The revised death notice gives a fuller, more precise cause of death:  "Acute cardiac Arrhymia and Diffuse Myocardial Fibrosis."

    Shortly before his death, Typo had been experiencing shortness of breath and tiring easily.  He was out collecting kindling from the orchard and after about five minutes he was sweating.  He said, "I'm not used to feeling cotton-mouthed and slightly nauseated after 10 minutes of yardwork."  He concluded that he was "more sensitive to temperatures this year".


  • Was there a funeral?
    No.  Typo's neighbors held a memorial gathering with a potluck meal on Saturday May 19th. They were gracious enough to invite the family and Typo's brothers and sister participated. They ate a meal outside on a yard that overlooks a big piece of Typo's property and then gathered in a circle and told stories about Typo. It was a deeply moving experience to hear how many people were touched by Typo.

    Typo's friends at TBI Chat had an online Memorial for him.


  • Does typo have any family?
    Typo is survived by his mother, father, two brothers, one sister, and their children.


  • Can I send my sympathies to typo's family?
    Of course, you can use the E-mail or the Guest Book to send your message.


  • What about messages I already posted?
    All public messages archived at the TBI Chat Message Boards are being forwarded to his family.


  • Where is he buried?
    Typo was cremated and the ashes were given to his parents.


  • Where did typo live?
    Typo lived in a small town in Western Massachusetts.  He was born in New York.


  • May I add a Memorial Page to this site?
    Yes.  Send your message to Typo's Tea and it will be made into a webpage as time permits.

Answers provided by family and friends

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