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How Do You Live Your Dash

In memory of "typo"

gone... but not forgotten

  The dash refers to the dash between the date you are born and the date you die. Typo will be remembered for how he lived his dash.

Born 1949

1949 - 2001

Died 2001

You lived your "dash" well, typo.

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Born 1949

What happened to the poem?

From : Linda's Lyrics
Sent : Monday, January 24, 2005 2:47 PM
To : deimosm @
Subject : Copyright Infringement


I am the author and copyright owner of The Dash poem (copyright # Txu 858-108 as registered with the Library of Congress).

You have posted my poem on your site at:

Although I do appreciate your interest in my poem, I have to request that you remove the poem from your site promptly for copyright reasons. :-(

I thank you very much for your prompt attention.

Enjoy your "dash!"

Linda Ellis

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You can post a tribute in the guest book.

  • May I add a Memorial Page to this site?
    Yes.  Send your message to Typo's Tea and it will be made into a webpage as time permits.

good-bye typo, I'll see you in my dreams


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