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Songs I hold within my heart
Each melody I hear
Reverberates within my soul
So grateful that you're near

Tune that plays so softly now
As heart will keep in time
Love that beats in every note
Will gather soul's sweet rhyme

Hear you as you play a tune
It now belongs to me
Know because I hear it play
With love romantically

Peace within a special tune
Composed for my own heart
Each note a special harmony
Of love that never parts

So play for me this special tune
Let me gently sway
Special song fulfills my soul
While next to you I stay

Hear the music in the air
The gift you've given me
Song you play I hear it now
Love's tune plays endlessly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
İused with permission
If you would like to use this poem on THIS GRAPHIC SET on your  NON-POSTCARD, PERSONAL site just click on Ms. Pucillo's name to request permission.   The poem was specifically written to accompany THIS graphic set. Read more of her poetry here:








The painting of the lady is from a painting by Louis Iscart and is provided courtesy of
Stamati Gallery

The midi is  performed by İYuko Ohigashi.  To read about this interesting young composer just visit her site.  Her midis may ONLY be used with permission from the composer.  Visit her site by clicking on her banner displayed below.  The midi is entitled Wedding SongYuko now has MP3s available and you may download them at her site, thus helping her college fund to grow!  She has CDs for sale now too!

The font is Nouveau

This great java cursor script is an original by Kurt. 


October 23, 2001