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(21:30)  <Tinker> wb talisker
(21:30)  <sage> nite rons
(21:30)  <Talisker> sorry moofed
(21:30)  <sage> wb tali
(21:30)  <Meezie> wb tali
(21:30)  <trweasel> wb tal
(21:30)  <olga_p> typo had a great sense of humor
(21:30)  <Toby> LOL and Typo knew how to dish it out when it came to
(21:30)  <bronco_mama> wb talis
(21:30)  <fabian> i have to go back to my room yall...
(21:30)  <cca> yes he did
(21:30)  <jack> lol sure did
(21:30)  <dash> lol yup on dish
(21:30)  <Meezie> he sure did
(21:30)  <Sue> bye fab
(21:30)  <Toby> Take care Fab
(21:30)  <ax> fabian do take care pal..
(21:30)  <bronco_mama> bye fab
(21:30)  <Meezie> bye fab
(21:30)  <trweasel> nite fab
(21:30)  <dash> take care ((((fabian))))
(21:30)  <cca> see ya fab
(21:30)  <katz> bye Fab ~~
(21:30)  <fabian> ~~~~~~~ *typo i lov ua
(21:30)  <ffeath> hug fab
(21:30)  <sage> hugs fab
(21:30)  <bronco_mama> c-ya there soon
(21:30)  <jolie> night fab'
(21:30)  <amy> hugs fabe
(21:30)  <olga_p> he also taught me ALOT on the computer about how to make things work
(21:30)  <bronco_mama> typo ty
(21:30)  Sagasha has left the typo memorial
(21:30)  <fabian> i lov all yall
(21:30)  <cca> that is a gift
(21:30)  <phdgirl> I jiss you so typo
(21:30)  <bufuss> wiping more tears goona go (((((((all)))))
(21:30)  <phdgirl> miss
(21:30)  <bronco_mama> us to fab
(21:30)  <jolie> love ya skippy
(21:30)  fabian has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:30)  <sage> be good fab
(21:30)  <phdgirl> bye buf
(21:30)  rdew has joined the typo memorial
(21:30)  <candle> nite all, take care and it's been an honor to have met typo and all of u
(21:30)  <Meezie> bye buf
(21:30)  <Sue> bye buf
(21:30)  <dash> ((((((bufuss))))))))
(21:30)  <amy> hugs buf, take care
(21:31)  <Carney-Cat> night bufuss, hugs
(21:31)  <Guest294> ((((bufuss))))))))
(21:31)  <sage> hi rdew
(21:31)  <sojo> cya bufuss
(21:31)  <ffeath> ye bu
(21:31)  <Sue> hi rdew
(21:31)  <bufuss> miss ya typo
(21:31)  <sage> nite buf
(21:31)  <trweasel> hey dew
(21:31)  candle has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:31)  <Meezie> hey rdew
(21:31)  <jolie> night buffie
(21:31)  <dash> take care candle (((( ))))))
(21:31)  <bronco_mama> by john
(21:31)  <rdew> hello
(21:31)  bufuss has quit IRC (bufuss)
(21:31)  <rdew> thx T
(21:31)  <amy> hi rd
(21:31)  <phdgirl> hi rdew
(21:31)  <cca> I can't handle it and I didn't know him well at all
(21:31)  <rdew> hi every one
(21:31)  <Toots> no problem dew
(21:31)  <bronco_mama> we know u r here with us
(21:31)  <olga_p> Peapod, thank you so much for the happy memories you reminded me of in mgh!!
(21:31)  <phdgirl> oh good cca, you are here now
(21:31)  <bronco_mama> hi rdew
(21:31)  <sage> typo was very straight forward
(21:31)  <bronco_mama> yea i like that
(21:31)  <dash> no mincing words with typo that's for sure lol
(21:31) Tinker (((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))) will be in main room for a bit, love you all. Typo we miss you.
(21:31)  <rdew> hi ma
(21:32)  <PeaPods> smiles olga p ... i could keep up with mgh ok, not so well here
(21:32)  <sage> yep dash
(21:32)  <phdgirl> bye tink
(21:32)  <bronco_mama> bye tinker
(21:32)  <cca> I just know that he was a lot of fun'
(21:32)  <Meezie> bye tink
(21:32)  <bronco_mama> hi ma
(21:32)  <sage> hugs tinker
(21:32)  <T> I do think typo was a genius, a renassiance man
(21:32)  <sage> hi ma
(21:32)  <Sue> (((((hugs))))) peapod.....he touched so many here
(21:32)  <bronco_mama> yea me too
(21:32)  <ffeath> hug tink
(21:32)  <Talisker> that he did
(21:32)  <olga_p> that's ok {{pea}} You're post made me feel so warm
(21:32)  <jolie> bye tink....
(21:32) Rose my final comments:  "As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:10-11
(21:32)  <Toby> Olga, remember the nights you and Pea and Yavonne and Deimos and Solitude spent chatting and waiting for newbies...
(21:32)  <dash> hopefully he is at peace now XX fingers crossed
(21:32)  phdgirl ) has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(21:32)  <sage> yes he did
(21:32)  <PeaPods> yea where i remember Toby ...
(21:32)  <Carney-Cat> :(
(21:32)  <sojo> amen Rose
(21:32)  Carney-Cat has quit IRC (Side by side or miles apart, "dear Friends" are always close to the heart.)
(21:32)  <olga_p> yes, I used to joke w/ deimos that he was a renaissance man frequently
(21:33)  <sweetie> brb
(21:33)  <sage> nite carney
(21:33)  <Rose> Prayers go out to Typo's family....hugs to all of us for knowing him.
(21:33)  <sage> k sweetie
(21:33)  <T> we have been blessed
(21:33)  <cca> I gotta go tend to my son buddo is home for good now
(21:33)  <ax> rose well said
(21:33)  <Sue> truely blessed t
(21:33)  <bronco_mama> yes i do and will always miss him
(21:33)  <Rose> talk to you all soon...hugs
(21:33)  <PeaPods> all night long we BS and wait for newbies ...
(21:33)  <bronco_mama> bye cca
(21:33)  <sage> nite cca
(21:33)  <jolie> night rose
(21:33)  <ffeath> bye cca
(21:33)  <bronco_mama> bye rose
(21:33)  <cca> see ya all
(21:33)  <sojo> cya Rose
(21:33)  <Sue> bye rose
(21:33)  <dash> nnite to all who are going (((( )))))
(21:33)  <Talisker> I have to go -Belss typo and bless all of you for remembering him
(21:33)  <T> the world has been mande a beeter place becasue of typo
(21:33)  <sage> nite rose
(21:33)  katz has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(21:33)  <bronco_mama> bye talis
(21:33)  <olga_p> Deimos was there every night for a while, used to post he'd be there even
(21:33)  <sage> nite tali
(21:33)   cca hugz the room
(21:33)  <sage> nite kaz
(21:33)  <Guest294> agreed T
(21:33)  <Toby> Typo convinced me to start building a website...then saw what fun I was having and started his own... does everyone have the link to his site?
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> lol olga
(21:34)  cca has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> so cool
(21:34)  <T> Thank you all for your sharing and caring
(21:34)  <jonboat> yup and typo will live on in us :)
(21:34)  <Bil> I will always see typo as he is on his bicycle -- high high up on the clouds.
(21:34)  <PeaPods> top of the hour .... remember olga (wink)
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> our pleasure
(21:34)  <ffeath> no toby
(21:34)  <T> me toobil
(21:34)  <olga_p> yes, he encouraged me to make a website & write a book--I still plan to because of him
(21:34)  sojo has left the typo memorial
(21:34)  Talisker has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(21:34)  <T> God bless typo, his family and all of us good nite
(21:34)  <dash> wow he got u started on webpage building huh toby! lol spark that dynomite!
(21:34)  <sage> we each carry a part of typo in us
(21:34)  <olga_p> lol pea
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> good olga
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> do it
(21:34)  <Sue> yes we do sage
(21:34)  Tinker has quit IRC (Tinker)
(21:34)  <bronco_mama> yea sage u r so wise
(21:34)  aml^ has joined the typo memorial
(21:34)  <Meezie> thats good olga
(21:34)  T has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:34)  <Toby> Olga, when I met Typo, the room was pretty much dormant... we took turns coming to chat on the hours to see if people would show up... it was lots of fun
(21:34)  <dash> hi mike
(21:34)  <sage> he toched all of us
(21:35)  <Bil> Yes, , sage, very true!!
(21:35)  <rdew> I didnt have the pleasure of meeting TYPO, but from what I see he had many friends. I'm sure he was a great and wonderful person.I wish I had meet him
(21:35)  <aml^> hello
(21:35)  <Meezie> yes true sage
(21:35)  <bronco_mama> lol toby
(21:35)  <jonboat> yup dew, he truly was
(21:35)  <ffeath> hi aml
(21:35)  <sage> yes he was rdew
(21:35)  <PeaPods> that was 1997 Toby ...
(21:35)  <bronco_mama> yea rdew he was
(21:35)  Rose has quit IRC (Rose)
(21:35)  <ffeath> toby what is site
(21:35)  <sage> nite rose
(21:35)  <dash> a good life when touch & inspire so many as typo did =)
(21:35)  <olga_p> I think we met a little before you started coming, toby. I left for a while, and noticed you were pretty active then along w/ deimos
(21:35)  <Sue> yes dash
(21:35)  <bronco_mama> yea hope he knew
(21:35)  <sage> agreed dash
(21:35)  <aml^> i bet this room was kinda
(21:36)  phdgirl has joined the typo memorial
(21:36)  <dash> wb phdgirl
(21:36)  <Guest294> wb phdgirl
(21:36)  <Sue> wb phdgirl
(21:36)  <olga_p> I think I m3t deimos 1994
(21:36)  <sage> i think he had hints of it mama
(21:36)  <Toby> Yep Peapod, when I first got on line... MGH was the first chat room I found for tbi and Typo was one of the first to find me sittting alone in that room waiting, hoping someone would come and chat..
(21:36)  <Meezie> mb phdgirl
(21:36)  <phdgirl> thanks, got lost
(21:36)  <bronco_mama> just wanna tell him now
(21:36)  <sage> hold on tight phd
(21:36)  <bronco_mama> ty typo for all u gave us
(21:36)  <phdgirl> tnx sage
(21:37)  <sage> his spirit lives on mama
(21:37)  <jonboat> ya know, i can't remember ever seeing him type a harsh word
(21:37)  <sage> in each of us
(21:37)  <aml^> dash was first to talk to me here
(21:37)  <Sue> thanks typo....for always being there and eager to help
(21:37)  <phdgirl> strong sage
(21:37)  <PeaPods> i remeber strolling in and asking you toby how I got there ..and you said'i dunno' Deomos then filled us in
(21:37)  <ax> jb nope, not a one!!!
(21:37)  <olga_p> did any of you know typo used to tune pianos, had a grand piano & was quite accomplished on it?
(21:37)  Sagasha has joined the typo memorial
(21:37)  <Guest294> me either jonboat
(21:37)  <sweetie> sorry.....have to scoot.......typo, I love ya and I will miss you and your cyber smile...
(21:37)  <jonboat> a rare soul :)
(21:37)  <annette> no jonboat he was extremely patient man
(21:37)  Sagasha has left the typo memorial
(21:37)  <phdgirl> bye sweetie
(21:37)  <sage> nope olga
(21:37)  <sweetie> night all
(21:37)  <trweasel> will be around folks
(21:37)  <sweetie> take care
(21:37)  <jolie> night sweetie
(21:37)  <bronco_mama> gosh didn't know about pianos
(21:37)  <Sue> night sweetie
(21:37)  <Meezie> Goodnight
(21:37)  <dash> nite sweetie ((( )))
(21:37)  <ffeath> bye sweetie
(21:37)  <sage> hugs sweetie
(21:37)  <bronco_mama> bye
(21:37)  <aml^> i got to give alot of credit to ax
(21:37)  <sweetie> thanks guys
(21:37)  <bronco_mama> jolie hi
(21:37)  Sagasha has joined the typo memorial
(21:37)  <PeaPods> yep olga knew that
(21:37)  sweetie has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:37) ax wishes i had Typos sort of patience..
(21:37)  <trweasel> bless typo and all the friends here who have touched both he and i
(21:37)  <Toby> I said I dunno a lot when Deimos was around...cause I alwways KNEW he
(21:38)  <olga_p> yes, he was an accomplished musician, even tho he was quite modest about it
(21:38)  <phdgirl> oh, yes, he said he had been a piano tuner I think
(21:38)  <annette> me also ax
(21:38)  <dash> not surprised about the piano olga, so much to that Typo =)
(21:38)  trweasel has left the typo memorial
(21:38)  <bronco_mama> he was so talented
(21:38)  <sage> olo toby
(21:38)  <sage> lol
(21:38)  <olga_p> lol, yes, he was an walking encycopedia we/ humor & compassion
(21:38)  <jolie> me too ax ....rofl
(21:39)  <phdgirl> olga, that is perfect
(21:39)  <bronco_mama> miss him so much
(21:39)  <bronco_mama> see ya on the other side
(21:39)  <Toots> brb
(21:39)  <phdgirl> ...keep waiting to run into him in the room...
(21:39)  <rdew> k
(21:39)  <olga_p> he told me how he got started on computers once, I was pretty amazed that he had taken a college course, and it all began there
(21:39)  <sage> true dash
(21:39)  <Meezie> I'm so glad that I met all of you, you have really helped my life, I miss TYPO.. will pray for him and all goodnight everyone
(21:39)  jack has left the typo memorial
(21:39)  <jonboat> he was always teachin folks how to find out stuff for themselves too
(21:39)  <phdgirl> bye meez
(21:39) ax knows typo went UP, , too bad i will go down, , sigh
(21:39)  <Sagasha> nite meeze
(21:39)  <Bil> right jb,
(21:39)  <Sue> bye meezie
(21:39)  <Toby> Thanks for coming Meezie
(21:40)  <Sue> nevah ax
(21:40)  <rdew> bye meeze
(21:40)  <bronco_mama> think we will all be together in afterlife ax
(21:40)  <sage> no you wont ax
(21:40)  <Guest294> still have a hard time really believing he is gone...cyber is a strange place to know & then lose friends
(21:40)  <phdgirl> not you ax
(21:40)  <jolie> teehee ax
(21:40)  <aml^> gotta give sag some credit, too
(21:40)  <annette> true guest
(21:40)  <phdgirl> how true guest
(21:40)  <smuzzy> yah it really is, Guest
(21:40)  <bronco_mama> u r to good to go down
(21:40)  <dash> yup really loved helping people be independent typo did =)
(21:40)  <sage> they would throw yu out if you did ax
(21:40)  <bronco_mama> yes ty brian(sagasha)
(21:40)  <rdew> saga makes this happen\
(21:40)  <ax> aml agreed sag gets much credit for this big family!
(21:41)  <phdgirl> yes, deepest thanks sagasha, how you have helped my life...
(21:41)  <olga_p> typo was spiritua., but not in the sense most of us think of as "religous". In fact, his beliefs tended to slat towards buddhism
(21:41)  <smuzzy> when this place works, it really works huh
(21:41)  <sage> or giving us the opportunity to become this big family
(21:41)  <dash> like typo, had no idea how much it impacts people ((((((sagasha))))))
(21:41)  <Sue> lol smuz
(21:41)  <sage> we make the family
(21:41)  <Toots> back
(21:41)  Meezie has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:41)  <Toby> Typo has gone on to clear a path for us and we will again someday be sharing and caring right along with him. To that day I look forward.
(21:41)  <jonboat> amen toby
(21:41)  <bronco_mama> me too
(21:41)  <sage> but sagasha provides us the opportunity
(21:41)  <phdgirl> oh, that is beautiful toby
(21:41)  <bronco_mama> but not to soon for any of us
(21:41)  <olga_p> thanks toby, I appreciate you saying that
(21:41)  <dash> in the meantime we can share what he gave us with others, a tribute he would appreciate i think =)
(21:42)  <Sue> wonderful toby
(21:42)  <rdew> saga, you brought so many of us together, we're forever indepted to you. Thank you.
(21:42)  <jolie> night all......TYPO, HAPPY TRAVILIN , MY FRIEND~~~~~
(21:42)  <Sue> yes dash...make chat more of a typo room
(21:42)  <bronco_mama> bye jolie
(21:42)  <Sagasha> bye jolie
(21:42)  <ax> niters jolie
(21:42)  <Sue> night jolie
(21:42)  <ffeath> gotta go love you typo
(21:42)  <Sue> (((((hugs))))) jolie
(21:42)  <annette> nite jolie
(21:42)  <sage> nite jolie
(21:42)  <rdew> bye J
(21:42)  <aml^> gn jolie
(21:42)  <sage> hugs
(21:42)  <Sue> night feather
(21:42)  jolie has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:42)  <Bil> Will miss you those mornings, typo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(21:42)  <Sagasha> bye feath
(21:42)  <annette> nite feather
(21:42)  <sage> nite feather
(21:42)  <aml^> gn feather
(21:42)  <olga_p> every time I try to share a link or a source of information, I feel that I am doing it because typo/deimos shjowed me how useful and helpful it is
(21:42)  <bronco_mama> yea mornings are hardest bil
(21:42)  <Bil> but will think you will be there anyway!
(21:43)  <jonboat> yup bil, i think he will
(21:43)  <phdgirl> well, he is with me, , , he had often mentioned a particular book, went into his site and he had mentioned it again, the other day, I was looking for something in my car, and there, in a stack of books from an old sale, was the book he had mentioned, staring right at me, and I didn't even know I had it!!!!
(21:43)  <Guest294> wow really IS a permanant part of you now
(21:43)  <dash> i miss him mostly in the afternoon, pre bike ride, on the way to making vegetable soup lol
(21:43)  <jonboat> ((((phdgirl))))
(21:43)  <bronco_mama> LOL dash
(21:43)  <phdgirl> shivers
(21:43)  <Bil> lo dash, I remember that!!!!
(21:43)  <bronco_mama> yea when i see a bike
(21:43)  <seashore> nice
(21:43)  <bronco_mama> think of him
(21:44)  <sage> yep mama
(21:44)  <Bil> Ang biking for his newspaper in the morning!!
(21:44)  <olga_p> I used to "model" a lot of things I learned from typo/deimos, he impacted me more than anyone on the internet ever has
(21:44)  Kaye has joined the typo memorial
(21:44)  <dash> wb kaye
(21:44)  <phdgirl> hi kaye
(21:44)  <sage> wb kaye
(21:44)  <dash> yah wow the miles he rode on his bikes, amazing
(21:44)  <Toby> Beltloops and bicycles... I am in tears now... bb in a bit
(21:44)  <Kaye> evening all
(21:44)  <bronco_mama> (((((hugs all)))))
(21:44)  greagor has joined the typo memorial
(21:44)  Toby has quit IRC (Keep on the path....)
(21:44)  <dash> (((((((Toby)))))))))
(21:44)  <dash> hi greag
(21:44)  <Sue> (((((Hugs))))) toby
(21:44)  ffeath has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:44)  <greagor> hello
(21:44)  <bronco_mama> hugs toby
(21:44)  <sage> hi greagor
(21:44)  <jonboat> i think of him in the evenings with his 'gotta get my stuff put away before dark'
(21:45)  <bronco_mama> hi greagor
(21:45)  <Sue> hi greagor
(21:45)  <bronco_mama> lol jb
(21:45)  <aml^> hi kaye, greagor
(21:45)  <Bil> lol jb, another old thing
(21:45)  <rdew> GOD BLESS TYPO, , BYE ALL
(21:45)  rdew has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:45)  <jonboat> usually was already dark, lol
(21:45)  <dash> lol
(21:45) ax thinks of typo everytime i drag bicycle out, and look at the steep hill i live on..
(21:45)  <phdgirl> :) ax
(21:45)  <Kaye> greag hi
(21:45)  <Bil> He had so many things to do every day ---
(21:45)  <olga_p> I am grateful that tbichat is here for us, tha we have been able to post our sorrow in the discussion rooms, it has helped me immesely in coping with the loss of typo/deimos
(21:45)  <jonboat> he was always so busy
(21:45)  <greagor> yeah ax- i remember him riding everywhere
(21:45)  <phdgirl> yes, always doing something so interesting
(21:46)  <jonboat> ((((((((((olga))))))))))
(21:46)  <bronco_mama> me too olga
(21:46)  <Guest294> ((((((((((olga)))))))))
(21:46)  <phdgirl> yes olga and thank you for all of your sharing
(21:46)  <sage> yep greagor
(21:46)  <Sue> wasn't he always working on projects in his yard?
(21:46)  <dash> sure was a shock olga, good to have friends to share it with (((((((((Olga))))))))))
(21:46)  <greagor> even in the winter he'd ride in ice and snow
(21:46)  <phdgirl> yes sue
(21:46)  <jonboat> always sue
(21:46)  <Sue> complained about hunters all the time
(21:46)  <dash> projects up the yin yang lol
(21:46)  <smuzzy> buying new books to add to his stacks of books to organize, couldn't resist a new book
(21:46)  <sage> true dash and olga
(21:46)  <bronco_mama> yea always doing some yard work
(21:46)  <jonboat> yup riding in the snow always cracked me up
(21:46)  <olga_p> yes, he was an avid bookworm
(21:46)  <greagor> seemed pretty dtermined jb
(21:46)  deeveebee has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(21:46)  <dash> it was a vehicle he figgered, what's some snowy weather lol
(21:46) ax even offered to help Typo chain up his bike for
(21:47)  <sage> used to ask him how he could ride in the snow
(21:47)  <olga_p> riding in the snow always worried me a bit
(21:47)  <greagor> lol ax
(21:47)  <greagor> me too olga
(21:47)  <amy> Hugs to typo, bye all
(21:47)  <bronco_mama> lol ax
(21:47)  amy has left the typo memorial
(21:47)  <phdgirl> bye any
(21:47)  <sage> bye amy
(21:47)  <Sue> bye amy
(21:47)  <dash> that he got his BI riding his bike and kept on riding speaks to his courage =)
(21:47)  <bronco_mama> he was doing what he loved(biking)
(21:47)  <Bil> Sometimes I wonder what typo looks like and always thinking that had a log beard - but don't know why -- I guess like a book genius who has no time so shave! lol
(21:47)  <seashore> bye
(21:47)  <olga_p> but, he had multiple bikes, one for each season or how many miles he planned to ride
(21:47)  <greagor> yes dash
(21:47)  <annette> me too olga he told me once he had snow tires lol took awhile befire i figured out there wasn't any such thing lol
(21:47)  <Sue> bye seashore
(21:47)  <bronco_mama> didn't let snow keep him in
(21:47)  <Bil> long beard, IK meant
(21:47)  piper has joined the typo memorial
(21:47)  <greagor> lol bil
(21:47)  <jonboat> lol annette
(21:47)  <annette> yes dash twice
(21:47)  seashore has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:48)  <smuzzy> yah snow tires lol
(21:48)  <sage> lol annette
(21:48)  <dash> hi piper
(21:48)  <greagor> hello p(iper
(21:48)  <piper> hello
(21:48)  <aml^> hi piper
(21:48)  <sage> hi piper
(21:48)  <olga_p> lol annette
(21:48)  <Sue> hi piper
(21:48)  <bronco_mama> welcome piper
(21:48)  <olga_p> yes, I adored his intelligent, wry sense of humor
(21:48)  <Sue> definately wry
(21:48)  <bronco_mama> lol olga
(21:48)  <jonboat> it was great eh olga
(21:48)  <bronco_mama> me too
(21:48)  <PeaPods> all the memories come back now
(21:48)  <sage> me three
(21:48)  <annette> lol olga me too
(21:48)  <bronco_mama> twisted like me
(21:48)  <dash> lotta memories that's for sure =)
(21:48)  <ax> definatelya sharp wit he had too!
(21:49)  <phdgirl> can't keep eyes open, I'll rmember you always typo, you have deeply touched my life, I look forward to meeting you again someday, God love you and keep you safe and happy, good night all, so gald to be here with you, what a loving family here
(21:49)  <bronco_mama> LOL
(21:49)  <sage> yep ax
(21:49)  <piper> didn't he use Linux?
(21:49)  <sage> hugs phd
(21:49)  <bronco_mama> bye phd
(21:49)  <Guest294> i loved the way he wpould laugh at his typos :(
(21:49)  <jonboat> yup piper he did
(21:49)  <dash> (((phdgirl))))
(21:49)  <olga_p> I admired his incredible grasp of concepts, his incredible intelligence and ability to make each one of us feel special
(21:49)  <Guest294> nite phd ((()))
(21:49)  <sage> yes olga
(21:49)  <sage> i agree
(21:49)  <piper> his sign off was something like "Bloatware at it's finest
(21:49)  <sage> he shined the light on others
(21:50)  <smuzzy> lol yes piper
(21:50)  <olga_p> hes he did. He had 3 computers, used the main one for linu x, occasionally used windows but hated it
(21:50)  <dash> lol yup piper
(21:50)  <jonboat> lololol piper, yup
(21:50)  <annette> olga think you just summed up typo
(21:50)  <olga_p> 2 computers, oops
(21:50)  <jonboat> yup sage, he sure did
(21:50)  phdgirl has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:50)  <greagor> yes olga he really made an effort to appease and compliment each person
(21:50)  <smuzzy> yup
(21:50)  <dash> poof was another one of his fave words lol
(21:50)  <bronco_mama> made me feel so special
(21:50)  <smuzzy> lol
(21:50)  <bronco_mama> never impatient with my thickness sometimes
(21:50) ax wonders , does this mean he wont honor the rubber cheques he sent me>?>  lol
(21:50)  <bronco_mama> yea dash poof
(21:50)  <annette> lol
(21:50)  <Sue> lol
(21:51)  <bronco_mama> LOL
(21:51)  <olga_p> (((((poofing)))) or something like that he used in mgh
(21:51)  <bronco_mama> ROFLMAO ax
(21:51)  <smuzzy> lol
(21:51)  <Guest294> lol ax
(21:51)  <Bil> lol ax
(21:51)  <sage> need to be going
(21:51) ax and typo had many a chuckle
(21:51)  <sage> thunder
(21:51)  <Sue> bye sage (((((hugs))))))
(21:51)  <greagor> bye sage- have a good night
(21:51)  <dash> i think part of his patience was he'd multitask while he waited on someone/anyone - Constantly in motion
(21:51)  <sage> hugs everone
(21:51)  <dash> nnite sage (((())))
(21:51)  <sage> tired of storms
(21:51)  <sage> wanna stay on puter
(21:51)  <greagor> true dash- constant research
(21:51)  <dash> send the rain north XX
(21:51)  <sage> waaaaaaaaaaa
(21:51)  <Bil> ~~Later~~ sage
(21:51)  <olga_p> I was always amazed at his muyltitasking
(21:51)  <sage> hugs to typo
(21:51)  <piper> or to the Southwest
(21:52)  <bronco_mama> lol dash
(21:52)  <bronco_mama> coulda wrotwe a book while helping me
(21:52)  <ax> niters sage thanks fer bein here, typo woulda luved it
(21:52)  <jonboat> lol mama
(21:52)  <dash> lol mama
(21:52)  SUPERFROG has joined the typo memorial
(21:52)  <bronco_mama> lol he could have wrote a book while helping me
(21:52)  <dash> hi frog
(21:52)  <greagor> hello superfrog
(21:52)  <bronco_mama> bye sage
(21:52)  <sage> nite all
(21:52)  <bronco_mama> hi frog
(21:52)  sage has quit IRC (sage)
(21:52)  <Sue> hi frog
(21:52)  SUPERFROG has quit IRC (Web Browser left the chat web page)
(21:52)  <dash> and bye frog ~
(21:53)  <Sue> lol
(21:53)  <olga_p> I have had some hard days.....crying......but I cherish the memories he left with me, and I am grateful that he included me in his life. I am grateful he shared w/ all of us like he did
(21:53)  <piper> I can't remember that much about him
(21:53)  <Sue> so are we all olga
(21:53)  <bronco_mama> he made me realize
(21:53)  <jonboat> yes olga, very grateful he shared so much of himself with us all :)
(21:53)  <bronco_mama> to find out peolpes names
(21:53)  <Guest294> i have shed many tears to (((olga)))))
(21:53)  gail has joined the typo memorial
(21:54)  <dash> hi gail
(21:54)  <greagor> hello gail
(21:54)  <Sue> hello gail
(21:54)  <bronco_mama> take time to get to know em personally
(21:54)  <dash> very sad to lose a friend =(
(21:54)  <aml^> hi gail
(21:54)  <olga_p> Guest294, do you use another nickname?
(21:54)  <smuzzy> I've realized that I haven't said thank you to dear friends nearly enough
(21:54)  <bronco_mama> felt so bad when i couldn't remember his name
(21:54)  <gail> evening, all
(21:54)  <jonboat> typo showed us you can care for folks without knowing their names
(21:54)  <Sue> i was just thinking the same thing smuzz
(21:54)  <bronco_mama> yea smuzzy me too
(21:54)  <piper> but we chatted all the time
(21:54)  <bronco_mama> ty jb
(21:54)  <ax> mama agreed, , i sadly dont know many last names, , but am starting to.
(21:54)  <bronco_mama> he told me
(21:54)  <dash> i don't think he ever shared his name in chat, he liked the anonymous part of chat
(21:55)  <bronco_mama> but as usual i was so busy didn't remember
(21:55)  <Bil> I never say "good-bye" as I always say that ~~Later~~ is much nicer like meaning seeing you soon, but "good-bye" means never again -- yet I will still miss you TYPO!!!!
(21:55)  <jonboat> he told me that many times, that he liked the anonymous part
(21:55)  <bronco_mama> he told me but i forgot
(21:55)  <olga_p> no, he never shared hi8s name in chat. I only found out when he wrote me
(21:55)  <dash> he was smart that way, tell the BI folks and we forget =)
(21:55)  <Bil> ~~Later~~ everyone.
(21:55)  <jonboat> later ((bil))
(21:55)  <dash> we don't forget how special he was tho, and that's what counts i think
(21:55)  <annette> it is very amazing to get so close to people that you have never met and the feelings it invocates once something happens it is a s if you knew them forever they become such a part of your life without even realizing it
(21:55)  <bronco_mama> lol dash
(21:55)  <Sue> bye bil
(21:55)  <dash> (((((bil))))))
(21:55)  <ax> hugs Bil~
(21:55)  <bronco_mama> bye bil
(21:55)  <greagor> true annette
(21:55)  <annette> nite bil hugs
(21:55)  <Sue> (((((hugs))))) bil
(21:55)  <olga_p> so true annette
(21:56)  <gail> later, bil.........
(21:56)  <greagor> later bi8l
(21:56)  <piper> just like with maggie
(21:56)  SUPERFROG has joined the typo memorial
(21:56)  <dash> yup like maggie =)
(21:56)  <Sue> wb frog
(21:56)  <bronco_mama> hi frog wb
(21:56)  <greagor> wb frog
(21:56)  <dash> hi frog
(21:57)  <olga_p> I have not been trying to be rud by not saying hi & bye to everone
(21:57)  <piper> that isn't rude.
(21:57)  <dash> i think people understand olga =)
(21:57)  Bil has quit IRC (Bil)
(21:57)  <PeaPods> yea olga understood neither
(21:57)  <dash> definately not rude, imo
(21:58)  <bronco_mama> is this rude? sorry
(21:58)  <jonboat> no way
(21:58)  <dash> nope, i think typo would Love this
(21:58)  <piper> if it is rude. I am rude all the time . lol
(21:58)  <dash> lol jean
(21:58)  <aml^> i'm only here occasionally.....physically and
(21:58)  <Sue> lol piper
(21:58)  <annette> it is surpriseing to me that we can come here and get close to people but when something happenes our families don't seem to realize the impact we have on others lives as well hope this doesn't offend anyone
(21:58)  <bronco_mama> lol aml
(21:59)  <bronco_mama> yea annette
(21:59)  <bronco_mama> unknown really frog
(21:59)  <Sue> ((((((((hugs)))))) annette
(21:59)  <greagor> we don't know frog
(21:59)  <bronco_mama> natural??????
(21:59)  <PeaPods> hard to believe Typo's not here in chat room
(21:59)  <dash> all we know is he died of natural causes frog
(21:59)  <jonboat> yup pea, it is hard to believe
(21:59)  <dash> like a lot of his life, we don't know a lot of the details
(22:00)  <dash> nope frog, just 50
(22:00)  <olga_p> typ(o IS here in the room, . if only in his spirit!
(22:00)  <Sue> details don't matter much...we knew the good stuff about him
(22:00)  <smuzzy> Thank you for being here folks, love ya. (((hugs))) nite
(22:00)  <jonboat> yup olga, i think yer right
(22:00)  smuzzy has quit IRC (smuzzy)
(22:00)  <dash> yup in spirit, and always will be =)
(22:00)  <Sue> good night smuz
(22:00)  <jonboat> yup sue, exactly
(22:00)  <bronco_mama> thats what is so hard
(22:00)  <bronco_mama> what is natural at 50?
(22:00)  <greagor> it defintiely makes you take stock- with people passing so suddenly i.e. blade and typo
(22:00)  <Sue> true greagor
(22:00)  Shadow has joined the typo memorial
(22:00)  <Sue> hi shadow
(22:00)  <bronco_mama> yea greagor
(22:00)  bradley has joined the typo memorial
(22:00)  <Shadow> hiyas
(22:00)  <ax> greagor over the years, unfortunately, many pass thru these rooms,
(22:00)  <Sue> hi bradley
(22:01)  <dash> hi shadow
(22:01)  greagor has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(22:01)  <aml^> hi shadow, bradley
(22:01)  <dash> hi bradley
(22:01)  <Sue> too many ax
(22:01)  <Sue> wouldn't wish bi on my worse enemy
(22:01)  <bronco_mama> gonna go to reg room for awhile
(22:01)  <dash> it is what brings us together tho, BI
(22:01)  <Sue> bye mama
(22:02)  <PeaPods> good night everyone ... ((Big Room Hugs for Deimos))
(22:02)  <olga_p> thank you everyone, for being here tonight, for spending an evening in such a united spirit. I vbelieve typo/deimos is aware of our love for him & is glad we can come together in peace because of him
(22:02)  PeaPods has left the typo memorial
(22:02)  <bronco_mama> ty all and especially u brian(sagasha)
(22:02)  <jonboat> yup frog
(22:02)  <dash> the nick is retired frog, already done
(22:02)  <aml^> i would, so they would KNOW!
(22:02)  <Sue> awww I'm crying
(22:02)  <dash> thx olga, for all you have shared (((((((((( ))))))))))))
(22:02)  <jonboat> ((((((((((olga))))))))))
(22:02)  <bronco_mama> gosh how cool
(22:02)  <bradley> hi sue
(22:02)  greagor has joined the typo memorial
(22:02)  <bronco_mama> sob sob
(22:02)  <jonboat> there could never be another typo :)
(22:02)  <olga_p> I did always tease typo that my middle name was typo tho! bye all
(22:02)  <aml^> wb greagor
(22:02)  <annette> that is good to hear dash don't think many could take someone using that nick know i couldn't
(22:02)  <Sue> nope jb...nevah
(22:03) dash passes out clean hankies - the recycle=able ones like typo used =)
(22:03)  <bronco_mama> bye all
(22:03)  <jonboat> lol
(22:03)  <annette> nite olga
(22:03)  <Guest294> bye (((olga))))
(22:03)  <dash> we sure are thanking him from here frogger =)
(22:03)  <jonboat> thanks to everyone for sharing :)
(22:03)  olga_p has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(22:03)  <aml^> nite olga
(22:03)  <dash> yah typo iz us =)
(22:03)  <greagor> good night olga
(22:03)  <dash> lotta special memories =)
(22:03)  har has joined the typo memorial
(22:03)  <Sue> so many dash
(22:03)  <dash> hi har
(22:03)  <aml^> hi har
(22:04)  <SUPERFROG> 2 WELL ALLi HAVE TO SAY IS hoo yah typooooooooooooooooooo!
(22:04) Shadow hugs jonboat
(22:04)  rlqutk1 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
(22:04)  <dash> lol indeed frogger
(22:04)  <dash> hugs everyone
(22:04)  <SUPERFROG> hoo yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(22:04)  <aml^> brb
(22:04)  <Sue> (((((((hugs))))))))))
(22:04)  <gail> later, all
(22:04)  <dash> nite gail ((((( ))))))
(22:04)  bronco_mama has left the typo memorial
(22:04)  <Sue> good night gail ((((((((hugs)))))))
(22:04)  <har> hi all, just wanted to stop in and pay my respects to my friend, typo
(22:04)  <SUPERFROG> 2 hoo yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh typoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
(22:04)  <Kaye> nite gail
(22:05)  <dash> good to see u har =)
(22:05)  gail has quit IRC (gail)
(22:05)  <annette> nite all thank yo for having this memorial for typo it has helped alot
(22:05)  <har> thqanx dash
(22:05)  <dash> great to see ya annie =)
(22:05)  ax sends special hugs (((((((typo))))), and to the rest of ya, , i am glad to know you all, , and to have met so many...~~~~~
(22:05)  <jonboat> ((((annette))))
(22:05) *** Disconnected ***

*** Log file closed: 5/31/01 10:05:31 PM

Thank you, annette, for providing the log file for the Memorial.

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