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Typo's Tea Susan

Here's a cup, what kind of tea would you like?

hi Athena,

do you know if he died from the brain injury?

was he hit on his bicycle?

did he become ill & die alone?

do you know what happened?

susan, su_texas my opinions


i remember that he liked to plant bulbs, & the flowers would come up.

he loved flowers, & he would talk about which ones were blooming.

when i first met him in chat, he was very offended when i asked, if he lived with his parents.

he was fiercely independent & quite proud of it.


it seemed he was always making tea or preparing soup.

he said that the smell of the onions, would always let him know when the soup was ready.

on his computer, he was always multi-tasking, & worrying that the free ISP service would drop him for a while.

he loved used books, & bought them by the sackful.

he read more of the classics & fiction, & i read mostly nonfiction.

he said there were piles of books everywhere, & he was always talking of cleaning & straightening them up, one day.

he loved old movies, & he liked Lon Chaney Jr, i believe.

we both hated it when Butterfly McQueen died (of Gone With The Wind fame, Prissy).


one of his favorite websites was , i believe. or herbar?

he was very interested in health matters.

he had a stove that he used for heat.

he loved to get his bread & food frugally, & he liked the specialty breads.

he recommended using the herb ginkgo biloba, i believe.

he said that he wore earphones in stores, because the noise affected his injuries, .. & he could not stand the flickering of fluorescent lights.

he told me about seasonal affective disorder, & the light that is sometimes needed in winter.

he had many theories & concerns about health, & he was always learning more.


he had had a car once, but he rode his bicycle everywhere.

we compared notes on shopping at Goodwill.

he liked the feel of the tight spandex pants, when he rode his bike.

he also liked the feel & warmth of silk, around his head & neck in winter.


i believe he was first injured in college, when he had a bike crash.

we never know what will happen to us in life, that will change it & us forever.

he liked to help people, & did so often.

he liked the public radio station, for news & music.

he loved to learn & had a fantastic memory.

it was fun when he challenged me (remembering something in the news or movies), & i would win one sometimes.

we discussed life, psychology, people, & why things happen.

he was very inventive & resourceful, & a true adaptor & survivor, in the very best tradition & ways.

that is all i can remember, right now.


he often said, that he was short & stocky, & not much to look at, .. but i look at a person's spirit & heart, for that is where the beauty & value lie.

when so many people chose to do nothing, he chose to help others, all that he could.

he had very few financial resources, but he managed to do so much, with what he did have.

he had a good & a bad side, like everyone does, .. but his good side was very, very good.

i will miss him.

susan, su_texas my opinions

plate of sandwiches and treats



I'll take this cup and I'll have peppermint tea.

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