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Take me far away from here
No place to comfort me
Hidden in this sacred place
Haunting memories

Toward the moon I search for him
Star bursts in the sky
Held within the sadness of
Relentless sweet good byes

Alone for now in solitude
I think of all this love
Captured in the dreams I hold
That soar to places of

Walks in quiet gardens
Love's path an endless goal
Burden of this sadness
My heart will not console

Come to me while I await
Heart of sweet repair
Glory of this memory
Burden I will bear

Breezes in the air I feel
Whispers going by
Music of my dearest love
Gathered in wind's sigh.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
İused with permission
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The midi is MOONBEAMS, İBruce DeBoer and used with his permission. 
Please visit his site to select your own midi if you would like.  He does have CDs for sale, too!