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 flowers for typo

flowers for typo





 bouquet of love lady

Softest touch at dawning
Flowers soft and yawning
Gathered in great splendor
Fragrance you'll remember
twin stars
Heart is filled with glory
Each petal tells a story
Remembrances to treasure
Love I always measure
twin stars
Each petal has great meaning
Combined with love a weaving
With dewdrops softly weeping
My heart for you in keeping

bouquet of love hatbox

Walk with me in pleasure
To joy and peace forever
Hearts now joined in season
Now can find a reason
twin stars
To be the gentle glowing
Of love that's always showing
In colors warm endearing
With magnificence appearing

twin stars
You are love that's ceaseless
With beauty that is ageless
You fill my heart with gladness
The glory of life's canvas.

twin stars

~ Francine Pucillo ~
2001, used with permission

twin stars


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